Play Live Roulette At Global Live Casino And Transform Those Tension Filled Moments Into Ecstasy!

The difference between playing live roulette at an online casino and visiting the casino to play the game hands on, is that live roulette played at an online casino is played by online players? from their homes, using a computer and an internet connection. Of course, they need to sign up with an online casino that offers live games.

When playing at Global Live Casino, players view the live dealer, the roulette table and other players on their screens, as it is broadcast live from a casino in the real world with the use of Distance Gaming technology. They are at home participating in the game using their computers, instead of being seated amongst the other players at the land-based casino. This is the only difference that players will notice when they play live roulette at Global Live Casino.

This live casino offers the best roulette game of all, which is the European Roulette with a single zero, where the house advantage is reduced, sending more wins to the players.

Live roulette is exactly the same as the one played at land-based casinos, where the ball is thrown in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel, and the player wins if the ball lands on the number he or she has chosen. This game of chance, which some say involves some skill too, is excellent when played at a reputed online gaming site like Global Live Casino.

If you are new to live roulette online, then you will be amazed at how the game is played at this casino. You will imagine yourself seated at a brick-and-mortar casino, and also enjoy all the bonuses offered by Global Live Casino.