The Lord Of The Rings Slot Is Part Of The Progressive Jackpot Collection At Red Flush Casino And Playing On It Means Winning Big Time!

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Red Flush Casino offers the Lord of the Rings game which elicits a high level of interest in players of all skill levels. In spite of offering more than 200 winning combinations, the game itself is very uncomplicated and all the pay-lines are easy to understand.

The game is a lot of fun and full of life, with the movie extracts forming the background of the reels, but really attracts players are the prizes and promotions that Red Flush Casino offers to those who play this game.

Recently, the casino offered one lucky gambler, an unforgettable adventure to New Zealand with a companion. The prize package consisted of to-and-fro flight tickets for two people, a variety of tours while in New Zealand, and even plenty of cash to spend. The total prize was worth $10,000. That's not all! Nine others who have played at the Lord of the Rings slot received prizes worth of $40,000. While the competition was open to players who wagered at other games too, additional points were awarded to those who played at the Lord of the Rings slot game.

With all these extras provided by Red Flush Casino on a regular basis, and the game being so exceedingly interesting, playing this exotic slot game at the casino means winning big money while enjoying other prizes too. Both the Instant Play and the Download casino offer this game.